My Dream


Creating safe orphanages in Costa Rica is my dream. I hope to build orphanages in Costa Rica for children in need of a home.

We want to create more than orphanages for the orphan children of Costa Rica. We want to create a home, a place where these children can grow up in a safe environment, a place free of child abuse and drugs, a place where the people who work there work for love and care of others, not just for a job.

We want to have our own private tutors to teach them English, so the children can have a better future. We want private doctors in case of emergencies. We want to send the children to school as any child should do. We want to celebrate their birthdays, to buy them clothes, to celebrate Christmas, to be able to give them gifts. We want to give a purpose to the life of any child who lives in the orphanage. We want the orphanage to be a good and loving home whether the children are adopted or not.

We know that the opening of an orphanage is not easy, but we also know that is not impossible. We want to give a home to future generations.

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