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Mirley Vargas-Hoffmann:

Certified Parent Talk Coach/ Parenting Trainer

Become the Parent you Always Wanted to Be.

As a Certified Parent Talk Coach and Parent Trainer, I can provide you with the tools and the confidence that you need to improve your family's life.

This coaching is designed to help you learn the parenting skills necessary to effectively talk with your children. You will learn practical, useable verbal strategies and communication skills to improve your parent/child relationship.

Key features include:

  • Parent Talk strategies to help children become confident, motivated, "Response-Able" and productive.
  • Learning to set limits consistent with parents' family values.
  • Improving parenting skills and building positive relationships with children.
  • Helping children develop problem-solving skills.
  • Helping children to become more independent.
  • Training that will give parents the skills to raise responsible children.
  • Learning to build love and trust within the family.

Coaching/Mentoring Provided in Private Classes

By: Mirley Vargas-Hoffmann, Certified Parent Talk Coach/ Parenting Trainer

My mission is to inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of parents, guardians, babysitters or any other person involve with the education of children so that they will be better able to care for children in a positive, disciplined and loving way. This, in turn, will create self-confident, responsible and happy children.

Busy Parents, do you recognize any of these children?

Michael whines regularly to get his own way. It works.

Lex keeps giving excuses for not taking care of his responsibilities. That works, too.

Madison pouts when she doesn't get what she wants.
The pouting is incredibly effective for her.

All three children live in homes with busy parents. The parents attempt to discipline their children sporadically. Some yell. Others threaten. One uses a behavior chart complete with stars and stickers. 

Michael continues to whine. Lex still gives excuses. And
Madison keeps on pouting.

What the parents of these children need is a skill-set that will help them discipline their children in a loving and effective way.

I can help! Sign up for classes at: mirleyv@hotmail.com

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My Goal:

To improve the communication skills of parents and give them effective verbal strategies for relating to their children.

My philosophy is based on the well-known Parent Talk System.

 If you are  committed to helping your children become better human beings that can make a difference in this world --do not hesitate to contact me at: mirleyv@hotmail.com

Click here for information regarding fees and coaching.

Mirley Vargas-Hoffmann

Mirley Vargas-Hoffmann is a children' s book author, and a producer of a national award wining bilingual children' s TV show. She is a coach and an inspirational speaker on the topics of raising and educating responsible children. Mirley has almost ten years experience working with children.

What is Parent Talk?






The Parent Talk System Mission Statement is:


Your choice of words, and your style of communication, are critical to the self-esteem, emotional health, and personal empowerment of your children. There is an undeniable link between the words you speak and the attitudes and outcomes children create in their lives. By intentionally selecting words and phrases that build self-esteem and encourage self-responsility, you can empower your children and enhance their effectiveness as capable, caring human beings.

-Chick Moorman."Parent Talk"

A "Response-Able" child is the one who is able to be responsible.

Training Availabe

The Parent Talk coaching sessions are also available as training for your nanny/babysitter or other child caregiver. Many parents have caregivers /nannies whose primary language is Spanish. I can train your caregivers in the Parent Talk System in their native language.


I personally trained Mirley in the Parent Talk System. I know her to be a highly competent trainer with the skills necessary to help parents and other care givers work more effectively with their children. She has a passion for improving the lives of children that is coupled with a presence in the training room that builds confidence and motivation in the participants.

Chick Moorman
Director of The Institute for Personal Power
Author of Parent Talk, Spirit Whisperers, Talk Sense to Yourself and co-author of Couple Talk, The 10 Commitments and Parenting with Purpose, among other books.

Parent Talk Trainers' Newsletter #49: http://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com/tools/view_newsletter.php?newsletter_id=1409657429

As an author an educator of Conscious Parenting for more than 10 years now, I have had the privilege to meet some extraordinary human beings, mentors and friends in my life that I see touch children and parents in unique and non-violent ways. These individuals support growth in all aspects of being human. I have found that these few individuals carry within the wisdom to guide, care, and respect the future of our planet: and our precious children.

I can honestly say that Mirley Vargas-Hoffmann is one of these individuals. Her honesty, intuitive awareness, and professionalism are evident, but most of all she has the tremendous awareness of knowing what a child really needs. I myself have benefited tremendously from her teachings and wisdom and have learned better ways to support my children in the path of life-- Thanks to Mirley. It is needless to say, my children adore her.

I am sure you will find this to be truth as you meet with Mirley the author, the teacher, the mentor, the producer, the Parent Talk trainer-- but mostly Mirley, the kind, loving and brilliantly driven human being.

Ivonne Delaflor
Founder Higher School For Conscious Evolution
Mastery Life Non Profit Organization
The Positive Child through the Language of Love.

Why do we love Mirley soooo much?

Mirley's ability to guide the children in a positive way and resolve conflict within children or siblings is remarkable. I completely trust her with my children and feel her positive influence will help me to bring better people into this world. She is smart, dedicated and completely trustworthy.

Kristina McKean
Actress & Founder of Vogue Mama

Doing something extraordinary

for the parents in our world

You can contact me at : mirleyv@hotmail.com

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Have a Response-Able Day!